The reason behind these series of blogs is to help others understand the very fundamentals of why Jeannie and I are launching Faith Builders International, just a few short weeks from now.  Our vision is to Build Faith, Restore Hope, and Extend Love. These weekly blogs are to not only share the vision of the ministry but also to help you in your spiritual journey with Christ. The first three weeks we explored some valuable truths about faith as it relates to the ministry of Faith Builders International. Last week we discussed how hope is our vehicle that propels us forward in our journey of life. I invite you to share this blog on your social media outlets, with friends, family or coworkers as I believe it will also help encourage them as well.

This week we are looking at how Hope is Our Future!

For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.

- Jeremiah 29:11 -

As we look at the current events of our time we see some uncertainty.  If you watch the news long enough you’ll see that trouble is all around us. Many people today walk through life with no hope for a better future and they accept that the way their life is now, is the way it will always be. When you journey through life without God I guess that statement would be true, but when you follow Christ, there is always a future and a hope regardless of how the world continues to change. Many people today live in hopelessness. To know true hope is to be in relationship with Jesus. There are two standards by which we can govern our lives, that choice is up to us. The standard of the world, or the standard of God (The Bible). Although we obey the laws of this land we are governed by the bible as followers of Christ. Because we follow Christ our future is always bright despite what negative circumstances may be going on around us.

It is the desire of Faith Builders International to take the life and message of hope, that is Jesus to a generation of people who feel that they have no future. This happens by partnering with pastors, churches and ministries throughout the world. Faith is the fuel in this vehicle of hope (Faith Builders International). This ministry is a vehicle that will move forward and serve humanity through the hope filled message of Jesus Christ. To tell others that a life WITH Christ is far better than a life without Him. We desire to impart the truths of God’s Word into the lives of others so that they may grow spiritually. After Gavin died for a moment I felt all hope was lost UNTIL I opened my bible to Jeremiah 29:11 and realized that there is always Hope in Christ. There is always a future in Christ.

I grew up in an area of Orlando that was and still is known for violence, crime, drugs, and gangs, my parents divorced at an early age, and there were several men in and out of our home. At a young age I was hospitalized and had multiple surgeries due to a hip disease called legg-perthes disease. My step father abused my mom physically as well as both of us verbally. As a young boy I felt like there was no hope for me and that I would be a product of the environment in which I was born into. That was until I met Christ as a young teenager where I realized that was I no longer subject to a life with no hope. I then felt that I was reborn into a life filled with HOPE and a bright future. I always encourage people and tell them that “their future looks brighter than the darkest days of their past”. How true that is. To know Christ is to know there is a future that is filled with love, joy, peace, and comfort.  We don’t have to earn it. All we have to do is receive it.

We know there is a lost world who walks without hope. Would you continue to pray for us?  We know that God has designed Faith Builders International to take this great Gospel of Faith, Hope, and Love to America and around the world! To tell others that there is a future and a hope not found in drugs, violence, crime, and sin but in Jesus Christ. Freedom is found when hope becomes ALIVE in you. Jeannie and I pray for you. Our prayer for you is that God will surround you with peace, encourage you that your future is filled with hope, and it is faith in God that will fuel your vehicle to take you places that you could never go on your own. God has a blessed future for you! Hope is Our Future!