Jeannie and I are so thankful for those who have decided to partner with us in the “Join In/ Team Gavin Missions” Campaign of Faith Builders International. We believe that together as we gather in unity, we can make a difference in the lives of so many.

From the time I was a child all the way through my time in college I played team sports, primarily basketball. In sports every team member has a function and a role whether you played regularly in games or not. At the beginning of each year my coach would outline my role and responsibilities that role carried. It was my responsibility to accept that role and serve in that role to the very best of my ability.

As a part of “Team Gavin Missions” we all have an opportunity to accept a role. One of the roles is to “Join In” and consider being a financial partner, helping to serve in one of 4 areas of giving. To learn more about our “Join In” Campaign please click on this link http://faithbuildersintl.com/join-in

We also would like to invite you to visit and “like” our Facebook fan page for Team Gavin Missions. This is where we will be posting and communicating about all of the missions and other ministry opportunities we will be taking part in. Please go to www.facebook.com/TeamGavinMissions to “like” the page.

Jeannie and I are so privileged that you are taking the time to read this blog. We are honored to share our life with you in this capacity and we look forward to the future that God has for us as we join in on His mission through Faith Builders International.