At an early age my parents divorced which left me without a relationship with my father growing up.  As a result of the divorce, my mother was forced to work 3 jobs in order to support us. Prior to elementary school I was shuffled daily between babysitters and my grandmother's house while my mother was working. I grew up in an area of Orlando that was and still is known for violence, crime, drugs, and gangs. It was very common as a young boy to look out my front door and see people buying drugs and engaging in violence.  On one side we had neighbors who dealt and did drugs while on the other side we had a christian family.

During my early elementary years I was hospitalized and had to undergo multiple surgeries due to a hip disease called legg-perthes disease. Due to this disease I was sent to a crippled children hospital about an hour away from Orlando. Here I spent months in a bed with traction, surgeries, having screws drilled into my hip area, spending time on crutches and in a wheelchair. For the majority of the two years I spent in the hospital I was alone without any family, except for visits. It was what we had to do. My mom could not afford the treatments I needed and back then the Elks Club paid to cover all of my treatments and surgeries. To this day I am so thankful for the generous people who gave back then, so that I can now walk normally without any hindrances or challenges.  

While I was growing up as my mother worked several jobs she also dated often which meant different men were in and out of our home. Finally my mom secured a job in the optical industry which allowed her to work one constant job versus multiple ones. When I was 14 years old my mom remarried and a year into her marriage we discovered that the man she married was mentally ill and was chemically imbalanced. He began to abuse my mom physically and both of us verbally. There was once a time when I came home from sports practice to find my mom being choked by him and I had to break a lamp over his back to get him off of her and get her outside. He would go off to jail and then my mom would take him back. This cycle happened over and over again until I was 18, when I told my mom that it is either him or me, but I am leaving this house and getting out. Together we escaped that situation and got away. It was in the middle of her marriage that our next door neighbors invited us to church. After a couple visits I gave my life to the Lord and began to be a part of the children's ministry of that church. Circumstances in my home didn't change much but my internal life did.  

The Pastor of the church where I gave my life to the Lord,  started another church and we started to attend there. It was here that my life radically changed. I got involved in the ministry, having the opportunity to serve in many areas. Finally after years of serving and being a part of church ministry, my Pastor encouraged me to attend RHEMA Bible Training Center, in August of 1995. While attending bible school I met my beautiful wife Jeannie at the restaurant we were both working in. Over the two years I attended RHEMA, the Word of God helped form my spiritual life which would prepare me for full time ministry and the future events of my personal life.  

After graduating from RHEMA I went to work as a staff pastor at the church I grew up in and served the very pastor who invested his life into mine. What a dream come true to be able to serve as a pastor at the Church where I grew up in the Lord. A place that took me in as a teenager and helped me grow spiritually in Christ.  

After serving for many years as a pastor I became an entrepreneur in the financial industry. I have been working in this market since 2011, serving high net worth clients from all over the world. God has truly been so good to me blessing me with a great spiritual heritage, a blessed business, and the best family.   

Jeannie and I have 3 wonderful children.  Preston, Macey, and Gavin