Jamey Santo is the communicator, motivator, preacher, and equipper you need! He not only has the ability to electrify the atmosphere with powerful Biblical insight, he refuses to do so without a deposit that is active through the power of the Holy Spirit! Jamey is able to speak to every nation and generation and has done so for many years. I have witnessed the life change when he ministers to thousands as well as spiritually enrich leadership development within a body of corporate executives. I recommend Jamey Santo to you with no reservation and with my whole heart!
— Evangelist Allen Griffin | Allen Griffin Ministries
Jamey is gifted with the ability and life experience to inspire you, your lead team and Church with a fresh and insightful message of faith and works merging together for a greater cause. This dynamic will instill, within a leadership culture, immeasurable tools that will increase the influence of any organization. I am incredibly thankful for the immediate impact he has made on our leadership team at C/Life Church.
— Pastor Jeremy Dunn | Senior Pastor C/Life Orlando
I have personally known Jamey Santo for many years now as a friend and Ministry confidant. The Lord has given Jamey a wonderful gift of leadership to the Church and Ministries. He has wisdom and insight that would benefit any and all pastors as well as their local churches! I would highly recommend him, as I know he would be a great blessing to you, your Church, and your team!
— Evangelist Bernie Moore | Bernie Moore Ministries